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...At least on here. ;)

There is never really a good time to do things like this, but after being prodded enough by my associate and myself, Riss has finally finished setting up our group community on Livejournal. Behold!


The profile contains a handy user's manual, plus an interests list that we have discussed and cross-edited until it seemed a somewhat decent picture of ourselves.

(R: Just a reminder that we've had a community structure for a while now on Dreamwidth.)

This journal will no longer be updated as such, but we expect it to get good mileage yet by way of group posts made to the community or, possibly, comments. Posts will no longer be found here, though.

(R: If anyone wonders why I started moving toward a system community at all, it's because I recognized the fact that I am a control freak and that, at some point in the past, I laid claim to all of our "collective" accounts such that I felt compelled to sanitize, edit, censor, and otherwise dominate anything produced for such places. The move is something I wanted to do to try and unhook my claws from our public presentation online.)

Let us hope that the future will be better for all of us, friends. :) Please do come over and permit our house to be your house!

(R/D: Or our ark to be your ark. ^^)
I watched the Dreamwidth version!

...I should post more. Hm.
You and us both, boss. :P

We also need to get more active on DW, because I, at least, keep forgetting that there's cool stuff over there that's not just a clone of what's here on LJ. ^^;