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Sweet heaven, it truly is awkward, updating this thing by phone.

I have a completely out of context question that I have wanted to ask for quite a long time, but, things being the way they are, I've not had the opportunity until now. (If you wonder how we are, then I will say that Riss is sick--or the body is sick, and Riss is stuck out where he can feel it--and while that is unfortunate, Fate has contrived somehow to permit he and I to spend quite a lot of time together. I call it a success overall, though my poor friend is medicating himself rather heavily, by local standards.)

Please tell me, does it cause more spam, or other unfortunate Internet attention, if one responds to spam?

The Dragon wonders this also; I was merely the lucky one who successfuly snared the phone.

We get quite a bit of all sorts of spam, and in the spirit of welcoming equanimity I have always wanted to give them the same attention as other comments I receive. Riss pitches a fit when I try to answer, though, as he says that they can know when their messages receive responses and will send even more. I do understand why one should not click on any links, for fear of communicable tech diseases, but there is usually still a message around the links that the Dragon and I would be quite delighted to answer.

To share a little: I once received a teasing "crush" confession on my Formspring that attempted to lure me to a Christian singles site, while the Dragon--the only one of us who has no gender or sexual interests--recently received a link to a website that sounded like the Internet bulk clearinghouse for anal porn. (We agreed that they must have been trying to send that to Riss. The mistake is understandable when folk simply send things to our group labeled "Occupant.")

Dangerously curious animals wish to know. Meanwhile, I think often of the people here and have been trying to get Riss' help in researching ways that the Dragon and I might be able to update our presences more easily, say by Twitter or some other such lightweight Internet service. We do miss being around. <3

--Blind Tiger.

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Imagine that spammers are just sending out random feelers, going "ARE YOU THERE?" into dark rooms, and all of a sudden you stand up and go "HI! HERE I AM!" and turn on the lights.

Instantly every email-slinging robot (and many of them are robots with no human at the helm) locks on to you and begins pitching emails directly in your direction, while tossing your address out as "Confirmed Person Who Reads Spam Mail". Inside of a day your entire state is one glob of spam with you at the center. Before the week is out, the mound stretches into space.

...This is not exactly how it works but I -think- it's pretty close.
BT: *sigh* Damn. That's terrible.

(R: I knew I had it right!!)

BT: Well, thank you still for confirming the fact; this will simply serve as motivation to acquire comments from legitimate human sources. ;D I hope things are going well for you, friend~~