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Since S is too inwardly-focused to deal with Outside concerns, and since the Dragon appears to be washing its hands of this issue, it falls to me to announce that Riss has locked himself up in a sort of isolation zone Inside for assorted troublesome reasons. He built the space some days ago, has come out only to say supposed goodbyes to people, and appears stubbornly intent on disappearing himself for the long term. By default, then, I seem to have inherited the position of system spokesperson.

A notice related to this: Riss has been making noises about restructuring the group LJs around a community, as on Dreamwidth. I am disinterested and uninvolved in this project, so the execution is in his hands and thus on his schedule.

In the meantime, we are informed that his withdrawal from all but Outside support functions should mean that the rest of us--speaking mostly of the Dragon and myself--should be able to operate free of his censorial overwatch. It's still too early to speculate on what any of this might actually mean, in my opinion.

We are already encountering some hassles due to the fact that a huge amount of this-worldly information and action-knowledge is stored inside of Riss' person; the rest of us were accustomed to accessing it at need in order to interact correctly with the Outside, but his division from us is...well, honestly, we're finding elementary things to be rather difficult, but we are pooling our information to try to help each other. Luckily, I am good at English and seem to have picked up typing. Earlier tonight, I learned that the Dragon is utterly incapable of typing at all, which explains why Riss always did it for him. *sigh*

He is a complete idiot who convinces himself of the worst possible things at the worst possible times for the worst possible reasons, and since he has made himself unavailable I trust that he will not be making himself visible to challenge my opinion. We tried. We do not know what more we can do, as he insists on being unavailable for further efforts to help him.

Regardless of if he should appear, or not appear, or never appear again for all of this mortal life, I am the most accessible of our little fun family for now. I will apologize for any inconvenience, even though I am not the one who should. <3

--Blind Tiger.

(BT: I will not be getting used to Dragon-typing in a hurry...)
Have been spending a few days archiving and gutting the big desktop machine; the new motherboard went in yesterday, and taking everything off of the old one gave me the opportunity to examine/clean sections that are normally out of reach.

When I pulled out the video card, some of the metal sections on the surface (which I hadn't been able to see until now, since it faces downward in the case) have this bizarre rust/tarnish/grossness on them. I handle cards by the edges when I have to touch them, so this shouldn't be caused by fingerprints. The blue parts of the tarnish have a peacock/oilslick effect and the rest is opaque brown.

I haven't had any graphics-related problems, but is this an indicator that the card is going to die soon? Or is it just a cosmetic issue that I could wipe off with some electronics cleaner? Apart from the motherboard and one case fan, all the components in this machine are about six years old. I recall hearing somewhere that one is supposed to disassemble and detail-clean all the internals at certain intervals, and I have definitely been neglecting that. :/

Insight is deeply appreciated--many thanks in advance.

((An attempt to reconstruct the main points of a conversation that happened this morning, when we were all flipping through the Internet to learn about the upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game.))

WIKIPEDIA: Different races of dragons are encountered throughout Skyrim, either alone or in small groups. ...The player character eventually learns that Skyrim's civil war is last in a sequence of prophetic events foretold by the Elder Scrolls, who also foretell of the return of Alduin, the Nordic god of destruction. Taking the form of a gigantic dragon, Alduin is prophesied to consume the world with his servants, the Jills (a race of black dragons).


Cut for draconic tantrum.Collapse )
(R:) ...Humans have been annoying the Dragon a lot lately. ^^;;; So today, we had a coupon for B&N, and he said, "Find me a GOOD book about dragons." And we were all pleasantly surprised to discover that E.E. Knight's Age of Fire series is being re-released in smaller paperback format, so each book is now $7.99. (I still feel like that's too much for a paperback, but my opinion doesn't matter much. :P) The main characters are dragons being oppressed by bipeds, and one review called the series "Watership Down with dragons," though another review suggested that it was candy-coated fantasy where kindness is always rewarded and nice people always win--

(D:) Hell, I don't care, as long as the dragons have an equal opportunity to be nice and win.

(R:) So now we have the first two books in that series, and will have to wait for the others to come out. I hope it's good enough to salvage bipeds some creative cred. ^^;;

(R:) ...And I don't know if his description of the Divinity 2 plot was accurate, since I'm about to do surgery on our gaming box and we're still trying to figure out how to buy a PC copy that doesn't involve this mysterious, newfangled game downloading process. c_c I would sort of like it in disc form in case the computer goes to hell, just so that I'm not out $50 in case the HD dies. Not that that happens often, but I admit to being paranoid.

(D:) I still get to be pissed off at -Divinity 2- because I don't get to burn stuff on the ground for some reason. To hell with game balance!! ...Although I'm open to convincing. Particularly when that game looks like it has really beautiful skies. And AIRSHIPS. <3

(R:) I'm gradually making a dent in our workload. We still have one. Of course I spoke too soon.

(D:) I'll tell you guys if the novels suck, though. :B
Thanks to a poster on spiritcompanion, here is the blog My Succubus Love, which is about a gentleman in Australia and his growing relationship with the "love angel" that he eventually married. We have not yet sat down to read all of it, but I am pleased enough already to want to pass it along. ^_^

This is a true account of how my succubus and I both fell in love with each other, and how our relationship is progressing. This information has not been put here to offend anyone. It ‘is’ a true account. Neither does this information encourage people to form a relationship with a succubus.

...Somewhat unfortunate, that.

My succubus and I respect all peoples and their religions.

...But this makes up for it. <3

--Blind Tiger.
I just got back from spending most of my day at a surprise red tape party with about three different institutions on campus, two of which think that I should be good to graduate (since all of the requirements for my degree are complete) and one of which says that I'm stuck here (because my fluff courses that I took to stay at full-time status have not posted my grades yet). Unfortunately, the last office is the one that actually matters, so now there is scrambling after professors and TAs to be done, F5-ing of my university inbox to be done, and tomorrow morning deans will be getting called and nastygrams will go a-flying and I am just kind of sick of all this stuff by this point. *sigh*

It looks like I may actually get downtime on Friday, like not only a space where there's nothing pressing to do but also we will be at the parents' house and thus not even able to do the crap still pending here at home.

*brood brood brood* (Short, but discontent.)Collapse )

Anyway, I need to quit whining and go lay out my uniform and doublecheck all the pin placements for tomorrow, then make a brave attempt at cleaning up my apartment--the place got beyond trashed over the last month, when all the piles of work stuff just kept getting dropped on top of piles of older work stuff until some of my furniture is now hidden beneath fallen drifts of obsolete paperwork. T_T By this weekend, one way or another, I should be coming up for air.

Still in the middle of finals. Have spent the last 2.5 days-ish cramming last-minute Vietnam War reading and outlining the final paper; today, I hand-wrote the equivalent of seven typed pages, typed them into a doc, edited them, and stuffed bullshit citations into them (not that the citations aren't real, but just that this is a "giant sweeping themes" paper and I'm basically citing most of two textbooks in Xtreme Summary Form, so I'm just picking page ranges that kinda make sense).

I am so cashed out on the Vietnam War that I probably would have punched ten Republican babies in the vagina by now, if I somehow had a surplus of Republican babies on hand (which I do not).

This tiny tendon in my right thumb is full of burning rage like a hot wire. I think I hurt it with the many hours of writing/typing/not punching babies thing. x_x Somehow, continuing to type right now makes sense.

I drew part of a peekshur yesterday because the finals pressure cooker was making me crave the blood of the innocent. Solution: make big playlist of all the lulzy bubblegum-pop stripper-ish tinsel music I can find on our iPod, dig out art supplies, draw Blind Tiger in the guise of a wanton ungulate wearing lingerie.

The clergyfolk of Slaanesh are the cure for all the world's ills.

ON TAP FOR TOMORROW: Six consecutive open-book Human Sexual Behavior exams. Last-minute Mom Day card for our mom. Calling the tattoo guy to cancel the Monday session because I don't feel like rushing those files right now. Emailing a bunch of professors to hassle them re. early grading so I can maybe commission on time (Thursday). AND IF I AM VERY VERY GOOD perhaps there will be gyoza and sticky chicken and chocolate cake, provided I get done early enough.

...I am so sick of being busy. TT_TT LJ and email and things are too interesting and make me want to not do finals. I WILL COME BACK FOR YOU, INTERNET, THIS I SWEAR. At least tomorrow is all pr0n finals...

Okay, I think I need to ice this thumb or something. :_( Owie.

(Mostly Riss:)

Creativity That is Working:
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making was originally a web-based serial novel that Catherynne Valente wrote to pull in some emergency funds for a crisis. Now, two years later, she's found a company to produce official versions with illustrations and things, and originally that meant that she had to pull the digital stuff from her website. But her publisher is a nice publisher, and they've let her put the whole novel back on her website until the evening of 2 May. (If you haven't read the book yet, just know that there's only one right answer at the signpost. ^^) All the chapters are collected as a PDF or Word doc.

Creativity That is Not Working:
I'm having a hell of a time getting these new tattoos done. ^^;;; With permanent body art, I kneejerk toward simple designs because then there are fewer things that might potentially get screwed up and not noticed until it's too late, but text is apparently much more complicated than I'd thought.

I'm trying to get a few lines from EXEC_HARMONIOUS (here is a Tube of You with an older English translation and the Hymnos script alongside, for anyone unfamiliar with it) on one arm. Originally I was thinking of doing something artsy with lots of staggered indents, but quickly realized that the script needed to be blown up huge to make all the detail tattooable. (Tsuchiya Akira possesses a saintly consciousness, but sometimes I want to smack him a little--or maybe just step very firmly on his toe--for packing so many fussy little bits into his conlang alphabets. X() Ultimately, I simplified the original concept into one long line of text in a tight spiral from the shoulder to the elbow.

...So after the tattooist and I spent about an hour trying to make a usable carbon transfer of the thing and failing in the end, the tattooist--who's been in the business longer than we've been alive, IIRC--said that this was probably the most difficult tattoo design he'd ever seen. o_O;;; I think that this might be because the script is completely abstract, so there's no recognizable imagery to build on, just a lot of strict little lines. That is a good point.

Hope continues to spring eternal. The lyrics are already heavily remixed by this point, but if anybody ever comes up to me and says that they tried to read my ink and noticed that I'm missing half the verse then I'd probably have a fanspazz attack and hug them to death anyway, preventing our horrible secret from ever becoming public knowledge. C_C (Kidding. I'm not that hung up about retaining references to the game, since it doesn't work for my purposes in its original form--I wanted to apply HARMONIOUS's sentiment on a larger scale, yet several lines relate directly to Mir alone.) I'm going to make the script even bigger, strip out at least a couple more lines to hopefully make the Wall of Text smaller, and build in some idiot-proofing elements to make it easier to dis/assemble the big line and get it placed on the skin. It doesn't help that I don't know the script well enough to even tell when I'm holding a section upside down. ^^;;;; Work smarter, not harder; work smarter, not harder...

The unworkable spiral of purple carbon text is still covering our right arm. I admit that I keep leaning over to sniff it. Isn't that such an odd, interesting smell? Sort of rubber, melted plastic, burning electronics, moisture, dark-place-underground, etc. It's not smeary anymore, but the others are saying that I should probably wash it off before bed just in case it decides to re-liquefy and gets all over the bedsheets. :/ Such a nice, rich color, too.

(BT: I swear that I am not actually leaning on him right now. ^.^)

There are also a pair of small matching designs for both wrists that I hand-drew and thus made simple enough for them to be a no-brainer for the artist, though we agreed that we should wait and just do all the inking in one session. He estimated that, once we actually get the damn thing placed right, it would be about 2.5 hours for the text, and I can't imagine the little ones taking more than another half hour.

Regarding past body art, specifically the abdominal razor abrasion that we did about a year and a half ago...yeah, our body is way too white for this art form to work very well. :P I was hoping that I could override our Caucasian Clean Healin' Powers with enough wound abuse, but it was not to be. Right now, you can see a section of faint coils where the cuts kept getting infected and the pain-goo pooled in the crease of our abdomen, but the tail is basically gone and the head is almost entirely healed as well. I'm thinking of waiting another couple of years, just to give all the scar tissue time to disappear, and then getting it redone as a black tattoo.

Tomorrow I have to start back in on the grind, since it's finals week and I'm behind a little. I'm scrambling to check all the boxes for commissioning, graduation, software purchases, and a living situation--I need to start packing things and bugging the military for info about moves and stations and whatnot, and use my orders to break my lease early so that our happy termite friends don't get into our furniture. ^_^;

(R:) During this last stretch of silence, I've actually written a few different posts. Sometimes I'd get tired and save the raws somewhere and never finish them, or forget what I was trying to say. Sometimes I'd stop in the middle, thinking that maybe I shouldn't post about something after all. At some point in time, I might round up all those stray masses of text and comb through them for useful/interesting things, but this is not such a post. This is more the result of having too many little things knocking against each other Inside at a time when deadlines are, shockingly, not ganging up to kill me in my sleep. (That's a weird feeling after the work deluge this past month, I tell you...I keep checking things to make sure I'm not still behind on at least three different projects. o_o)

(R:) Before it gets too late, then--


(BT:) I was recently delighted to discover that here, forty thousand years before my birth, some of your Marines are already my Marines.

(BT:) ...Terra, Terra, sweet Terra, oh how the joys of you fill me like a cup overflowing...<3 ^_____^

(R:) I would search YouTube for the Army's attempt to one-up the Marines with Lady Gaga, but I'm afraid that I would actually find something. c_c;;

(R:) Also, I wonder what it would take to get my future unit to do something like this. Hmmmmm. :9

(D:) Lots of idle time, maybe?



(D:) Now people are putting that shit in Minecraft and on manly T-shirts and in interactive Flash games where YOU make the cat go NOWHERE and here I am, UNINFORMED AND BLEEDING FROM MY TENDER SOUL PARTS.

(D:) Come on. Did you guys just not know that I'm a huge Nyan Nyan Nyanko fan because Nyankos are adorable, huggy kitties who are made of meat and SMILE while they HIDE IN PEOPLE'S FOOD, as if they were cheerfully hoping to get eaten?? Pop-Tart Cat is like a Nyanko Space Angel Jesus who shoots rainbows from its ass while rocketing toward Earth from a distant galaxy, on a mission to provide Earthlings with sublimely nummy pastrymeat that can know no equal. It's like Nyanko plus Awesome.


(D:) So look what I did for you guys, so that this never happens again. Riss is kind of dorky and awkward and scared of using his words with other people, so let's cut him out of the loop by using MY PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS, which is [daggerskin at gmail dot com]. I just got it today. TELL ME THINGS that large, well-informed carnivores should know, and if you're not sure, TELL ME ANYWAY. You can even tell me totally random shit, and if my box becomes a hotspot of Internet Awesomery we could even make a comm out of it (hay_u_draggin or something) and hang out and talk relevance together in the spirit of kindredhood.

(D:) Just know that I'm not super talky like some of these other guys, so use tiny words. :B Also, I may cuss at you, but only if you make me squee or something.



(BT:) Related to relentlessly musical pastry cats is a series of "Sound Hounds" that we recently found on FurAffinity. According to the descriptions, they were inspired by certain types of effects and samples common in "dubstep" music.

(BT:) The term isn't familiar to me, though I'm wondering if I've heard some of it accidentally before. Riss was thinking that it was possibly related to Autechre, though we haven't even listened to his complete collection by that group due to Riss getting headaches from it.

(BT:) But I love the idea of artificial creatures born from only one genre; it's the sort of thing that I would do, if I were still in charge. I should get Riss to draw some of the music creatures that I used to use...and make me a new icon. And buy me a pony. ;3 One can dream~

(BT:) Here is a picture of the original Soundhound pair, with links to all the others in the description.


(D:) Oh! And related to heavy puppies and thick, wobbly beats would be...AR TONELICO 3. Which just came out in the US last month.

Cut for very long, rambling conversation involving much passing-off of the keyboard and potential NSFW-ness.Collapse )

(R:) Back to the work-wrapping-up I go. There was actually more randomness, but I guess that we're all still capable of talking about one or two vids for a very long time. ^^;; Academics and other concrete obligations should be over on 12 May, so this is the home stretch... I'm hoping that it'll be possible to actually have a life after then, at least a little one, but I don't want to jinx it by hoping too hard. More actual content later?
I have other, less angry things to post about, and I may even post about them tonight, although I voluntarily agreed to pull an all-nighter at the library (gods bless 24-hour libraries!!) for the latest ROTC rapefest and may end up being too angry or too tired to make time for anything positive until much later. That's kind of been the story of my life for, oh, longer than I can remember.

So, for no reason at all, or because it is your unbirthday and I forgot to buy you a card, have a little sample of my wrath. No, no, totally on the house. Because I love the whole Internet just that much. <3

tl;dr version of the cut text: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFCollapse )

Well, whatever. FML. Wasn't that nice and short? I should get to the library now.

(Riss, mostly:)
We've been on spring break this week and have been trying to juggle a bunch of things, but it also makes us collectively stir-crazy from having to stay chained to the desk/computer/books for too long. I need a little break right now. x_x


Just got done finishing seven backed-up online exams for Sex With Humans Human Sexuality class. I kept finishing them in about half the permitted time and getting perfect or near-perfect scores with very little effort. This has made me wonder if I'm actually surprisingly good at this mysterious "sex" topic... BT weighed in earlier and said that, like theology, I seem to compulsively gather tons of information that I never use, making me highly informed yet thoroughly inexperienced. Probably so. c_c

Pulling off all these A's with so little pain has given me a pleasant boost, though--I think I'd mostly forgotten what accomplishment feels like after being ground down under the ROTC juggernaut, where finishing one task only results in five more being immediately dropped on you with no breaks in between. Wow, like...damn, I finished a thing, and it even feels kind of...nice. For now. (Soon I'll have no excuse to not tackle the 800-lb gorilla in the room, but I'm permitting myself some downtime.)


haikujaguar recently brought up a discussion of $0.99 ebooks, since some feel that novels and such will eventually drop to the same price as MP3s. I'm not actually participating in that discussion, since the topic's being knocked about by publishers and content producers and I haven't produced content in almost a decade now.

Blah blah blah I meander around the subject at length. [EDITED 20 MAR 11.]Collapse )


The Arizona spring was nice and long this year, but it's slowly starting to get way too hot at the peak of the day. The weather in this state suffers from insane mood swings, but I love it anyway. After four years here and seven in Florida, I have completely forgotten what it's like to live somewhere that has four seasons and cooler weather. Perhaps summer in Missouri will feel like spring in Arizona and turn my head with the perfect temperature that makes me wish I could roll around naked on uncut grass and nap in the sun. ...TMI, but every day that I go outside and it's that temperature my brain keeps trying to shut down our frontal cortex and turn us into a big, happy Dog. <3 (Note to Self: When romping cheerfully and nakedly in the forests by Ft. Leonard Wood, ensure that nobody enlisted sees it happen. Wear a ski mask. Bandage distinctive scars and tattoos. Memorize good places to hide the bodies. Do not respond to strangers with Beggin' Strips.)

Okay, enough for here. :)