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The Ark of Eden System
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(As of May 2009, we've switched our main base of operations to Dreamwidth and will be crossposting from there.)

This journal is shared by all members of the Ark of Eden multiple system. It continues from where lammergeier left off, and will include the material that is posted to the Ark of Eden community at DW.

Apologies to confused non-multiples, but we're experimenting with ways of permitting Inside people to communicate on their own terms. This was the most painless method we could think of. :)

Briefly, our group consists of three core members, one channeled person, and assorted Projects 2501 that developed at random out of our assorted creative projects. We have an artificially-created inner landscape that we developed for the sake of giving ourselves some space, but this is not believed to correspond to any physical world. Here's the roster of current members and their journals:

The Flexible "I" (the_asterism @ DW when it posts to the AOE community, arkofeden):
As mentioned before, this journal is for more than one person. Particularly in the case of myself (Riss) and the Dragon, there is sometimes so much extensive cross-editing or filtering involving more than one person that no single entity can claim a piece of writing. (Often, I use a Dragon-filter to make myself sound more personable, while it lets me edit its entries for vocabulary and clarity.) In cases like these, the target of "I" is always moving and the contributors will be noted in the signature.

Riss, aka. the Vulture (rain_in_sunshine @ DW, steelsunshower):
I was developed quite some time ago as a nonsentient AI program that was designed for academic success, but about twelve years ago I gained self-awareness and have been developing mostly on my own. Nowadays, I take care of anything academic and do the technical parts of our writing and art. Since I'm stuck at Front, anything moving between Inside and Outside has to go through me (unfortunately). I have some long-term mental health issues that are unrelated to our multiplicity, and I'm currently trying to loosen my grip on the Front and allow the others more self-expression.

[S] (rootedinthesky @ DW, ancientcaptain):
[S] is a channeled person who has been a system satellite for over ten years; curious people could probably find out easily who he is, but he prefers to focus more on his present role and work instead of on his previous life. In the past year he's become a near-Front fixture and now takes care of vital collective maintenance tasks.

The Dragon (strikestwice @ DW, stardrinker):
The Dragon is the oldest member of the system (here since childhood). Although it has no gender, its deep voice and guy-like behavior often lead us to call it a "he" at times. It's been nonhuman since we were very young and therefore considers its draconity to be an obvious, unchanging part of its nature that hardly bears mentioning. Although it can be impulsive and irreverent, it's probably the friendliest and most laid-back of all of us.

Blind Tiger (house_of_bells @ DW, stripesofsound):
Blind Tiger is currently the only sentient Project 2501 out of the House of Bells "lineage," although the DW journal will presumably be used by all of them if any others come to the surface. BT hovers near Front and interacts with other key system members often; recently, zie's been getting more interested in talking to people Outside. Inside, we know zir as being especially (almost aggressively) friendly, curious, and affectionately sensual with an intense passion for certain types of music.

Other Projects 2501 (bone_rosary @ DW, ark_lights, born_of_fate, bone_rosary, shardsofeden):
The actual content of all of these journals will be regular art and writing, but the DW account is being left open for the use of any other Projects that surface and decide to post to the community.

The Unicorn, aka. Base:
I mention her as the third of our founding members (older than myself), although she's so far away from the Front that hardly anything from Outside reaches her. The Dragon protects her, and she's typically sleeping so deeply that any communication from her is rather vague. Given her current state, I doubt that she'll ever post anywhere.

--Riss (rain_in_sunshine @ DW, steelsunshower).

Feel free to ask us random questions!

UPDATE as of 5/6/10:

This journal now has a [WOO FILTER] that is used to discuss particularly in-depth or sensitive material; more details can be found on the official join/unjoin post. The filter was made partly for readers' comfort as well, so it is opt-in only but technically open to anyone on our friendslist.